On Self Portraiture

On Self Portraiture casts the image of self-portrait as a series of introspective exercises of self-analysis, through the medium of sound. The script resonates the view of not being able to reach any crux to portraying the self. Hence, it is devoid of any image in itself but for a monologue that an artist may employ to arrive at some introspective thoughts. The monologue is performed on a male voice and is played in a constant loop of thoughts about self-portraiture. The image included in the catalogue is the cover designed for the cd.
Audio work :
Loop of 18 minutes.
Script : Rakhi Peswani;
Edited by : Dr. Anandita Mukhopadhyay;
Voice : Vinay Varma,
Recorded at: Magic Eye Private ltd, Hyderabad,
August 2008