Re-tracing the Beaten Trail (Drawing from the Craft)

A crime in modernist histories, scavenging, tracing and re-presenting found images has been one aspect of image making that has only been given its due after the revisionist histories of art revealed the techniques of many historic image makers. The nuances behind re-producing, re-presenting and renewing images holds a special significance in learning any image oriented craft. Craft, after all, as a living tradition, derives its stability and continuity from looking backward and forward at the same time, through hands-on process of experimentation. I have chosen to represent a frequently repeated image, in a way that it creates a metaphor out of this process that is both cerebral and mechanic (laborious) at the same time. The process, in this case, is much amalgamated within the 'meaning' that the image casts. The repetition is seen as part of representation, and is much akin to body rhythms that define and get defined by a craft process.
Details: Found images, traced and hand embroidered on cotton calico.
size: 9" X 11" (23cmsX 28cms) x 30 frames.(to be installed on a single wall, at the height of 12" - 24" (30cms - 60cms) from the floor, in an irregular line.).
Year: 2014.