Practicing Slowness (Seamstress in the Study)

The work attempts to trace/draw my mother's portrait. To achieve this, the historic genre of artists' mothers' portraits are referred. Classical genre scene of 'Saint Hieronymus in his Study' is also referred.
The idea is also to correlate the nature/nurture of a craft as one akin to the writing of a literary text. In a way, writing a religious text (in ancient times) or literature in modern times is parallel to being involved in a craft. The practice of both of these activities, today, is a form of resistance to the nature of contemporary times. Metaphors around this aspect are added. The work builds on the creation of an interior, reflective space that a craftsman/artist in today's urban space creates and inhabits.
Dimensions: 10 Panels, 48 X 73 cms each
  Media: Hand embroidery on Linen
Year: 2014