Indulging Restrain(Rules of the Game ii)

Using worn fabric (Khadi), an exercise in restoring the thickly textured fabric led to associations of the fabric with a skin of an old body. Hand embroidery is used to conceal its tears while projecting the metaphoric, embroidered ‘wounds’. The simple process unfolds a string of metaphors related to languages of textiles, of doing, desires, and thus of the body. What began as an exercise of restoration hinges on indulgence and restrain. Both, ‘desire’ and ‘restrain’, seemingly opposing tendencies carry significance towards the notion of violence within us. Work, as ‘doing’, hence, becomes a possibility to address and heal that violent subjectivity.

Size: diptych measuring: 36’’ x 65’’ (with mount), 17’’x 20.5’’(each, without mount)
medium: hand embroidery on used and recycled khadi; velvett mounting.
Year: 2011