Heart Enigma

The work is based on the ideas of continuities and time.
The language of still imaging in sculpture and painting is juxtaposed with sound that is looped into continuous movement. The sound of a dripping tap is captured, edited and played alongside the still image of a mass of material dropping and shedding itself from the ceiling and piling on the floor. Fabric is torn into thin ribbons to create a sculptural images of a dropping and collecting pile. The diversity of the floor and ceiling of an architectural site are brought together with the work.
Two words on the walls, Persist and Perish, are handcrafted in bold applique’ juxtaposing the image, to indicate the idea of continuities- death and desire, rise and fall, hope and hopelessness.

Dimensions of installation: Variable.
Dimensions of top and bottom elements: 4’ X 4’ X variable height.
Materials: 2 hand embroidered, applique’ works on cotton and silk, for walls. Calico cotton fabric, synthetic polyfill material.
Sound: 1” double channel audio playback
Exhibition history: Vadehra Contemporary, New Delhi. 2015.
Year: 2015