Envisioning the Seer (Studies on Seeing)

These five images are a trigger from one of Bergman's enchanting images (Wild Strawberries, 1957) of an old man's dream, wherein he is confronted by a public clock with missing arms (indicating no time, or timelessness) and an image of a pair of isolated eyes underneath the clock.  Fictitious realities of dream and cinematic imageries are  juxtaposed to narrate a subtle interplay of rationality, intuition, starkness and vulnerability of the seer (in this case, the old narrator).   Taking cues from this image, i have presented some more studies to narrate a Seer's process of construction of a vision.   The eyes, in this case, are not just comprehensive tools/organs to 'see', but moderators of analytical focus, mirrors of reflective individuality, cesspools of embedded realities, or transmitters of inevitable imageries.  The task of a Seer is a complex and silent process of interweaving the real, the fictitious, and to represent these together as eventualities.
Hand embroidery and mirrors on Calico Cotton.
Size: 8.5" x 11"
Year: 2015