End of Images ( 50 Paradoxes for a Melancholic )

End of Images carries 50 oxymoronic sentences, with two English words, one nearly contrasting the others meaning. The words are not always direct opposites of each other, but are structured to possess certain qualitative conflict with each other. These fifty sentences are hand embroidered on leftover fabric, the process of embroidery, the image, texture and feel of the blank fabric impossibly absent with each paradoxical sentence. Meaning produced with these sentences subtly hints at psychic conditions of despondence and despair. These elusive statements of desolation are rendered/ framed in English language, on a haptic surface of Khadi/Khaddar and Calico Cotton, to remind the reader/viewer semantically about the particular social histories of these materials in the Indian context. The materials Made in India heritage adds a layered meaning to the parole of the English text.
Medium: Hand Embroidery on used Calico and Khadi cotton.
  Size: variable. (50 frames) 
Year: 2014