Work Margins

A site specific, temporary installation in an incomplete elevator shaft of a building. The building houses a small students' community of young artists in an upscale, quiet neighborhood.
The work looks at the incompleteness of a building and the leftover aesthetics of working class lives. It utilizes this aesthetic with a reminder of labor that has been put and overshadowed by the completeness of other parts of the building. The idea of work and labor is rebuilt as a temporary site, with meagre means of a mattress, steel tiffin career, few tools, a light bulb, and suspended ropes, rocks, a dilapidated curtain etc.
In a busy exhibition of young artists, with new media and avant-garde aesthetics, the work desolately strayed towards marginalized, working class lives that hold and make the urban environments possible in Indian cities.
Title: Work Margins
Dimensions: Variable
Materials: Site specific, temporary installation with found and collected objects (work tools, light bulb, gunny sacks, nails, handloom fabric, ropes)
Year: 2016